A biography film is a collection of stories about an individual's perspective on life events, experiences and life itself. It enables communication of values, strengths and important life lessons to the community and future generations. 

Sharing your stories provides not only a benefit to the community, but it can be a very rewarding experience for yourself. By sharing your stories you can:

    • Discover more about yourself
    • Expand your personal and spiritual growth
    • Inspire, encourage, educate and entertain others
    • Illuminate your experiences, history and culture
    • Empower those with a similar lifestyle, disability, illness or challenge
    • Remove stereotyping, bias and presumptions
    • Build bridges of humanity and deepen relationships of connection within the community.
    • Enrich workplaces, organisations, churches and residential communities.
    • Honour the people, travels, cultures and other life experiences that have enriched your life.
    • Preserve your values, ancestry, personal history and culture for reference by future generations.


What to talk about?

Every life story is unique and there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Some people talk about events that shaped their lives such as moving to a new city, their children or their role in the defence forces. Some people are focused on their legacy and leave a dedicated message to someone special or speak about their values in life. This is your story, and your opportunity to be totally honest without judgement or interruption. If you are really stuck for ideas, we have a list of prompt questions which will help you get started.

Can I include images?

Photos and video help to create an accurate image of your story. We welcome any inclusion of this form of media into your video. We can also record new footage of important locations and landmarks that help tell your story. Further options can be to include family members in the film to recount their versions of particular events and people.

Who would need a Biography Film? 

A Biography Film is for anyone who wishes to record their history, values, feelings, experiences or stories. Every story is valuable and worth preserving for generations to come. Everyone has a story to tell, and we would be honoured to hear yours.

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